PHL 110: Critical Thinking Syllabus

PHL 320: Critical Thinking Syllabus

PHL 101: Introduction to Philosophy

SCS 404: History and Philosophy of the social sciences

PHL 369: Philosophy of Sex and love


Some reviews from students:

"Professor Meredith is an outstanding teacher! When she gives a lecture, she goes into depth to make sure the students understand what is going on. She is always in her office hours and is always willing to help students out. Also, she makes class interactive by having students input their opinions in the conversations. Overall, she is an excellent professor." Fall 2015

"Definitely my favorite instructor this semester! I've learned so much from her. Ashlie's lectures are interesting and she gets her students involved. She is always available to help and she works around your schedule. She goes over the homework and the tests which helps a lot. Her study guides are great. I really loved having Ashlie as my instructor for Phil. I wish she taught more classes!" Fall 2014

"Brilliant, highly knowledgeable on the plethora of philosophical concepts reviewed throughout the course. Creates a very comfortable environment open to the flow and exchange of peer to peer ideas, discussions. Excellent professor!"  Fall 2013